NC Circle (No-Code Circle)

Hi Everyone - Very happy to showcase A No-Code/Low-Code social platform for sharing thoughts, ideas, knowledge, apps and much more.

Please join. I would really appreciate any feedback. Will be on AppStore soon.

Thanks to Adalo community. I don’t think it would have been possible without you.



I like idea of no code social media, It’s amazing and has a bright idea!


The app looks great. I’m wondering. What did you use to accomplish the Email Verification?

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Thank You. More coming.

To your question - A RAND operation and a Send email custom action from Adalo. learnt from here. try looking for OTP as other search besides email verification.


Michael - This might help you.


Thanks. This was helpful. I was able to get it set up. Now I just have to figure out why the emails aren’t sending.

The custom action for sending email in this clone is a dummy one. You need to create one if u haven’t yet. There are 2 places you have to use ur send email custom action. I think there is a video on how to do send email custom action by Ben/David @ Adalo.

Hello. Can you link me the custom action you used? Is it the one that uses sendgrid? thanks

Hi - Yes. Sendgrid. Looks like the email part is confusing many. so updated the clone with an example custom action. Try cloning again. And to create your own custom action this video could help if you haven’t seen it yet. Cheers.

Thank you!
Yeah, it’s confusing due to Zapier low response (15m).

I’m sure that with SendGrid will be better

You may want to know what is the free quota. I am assuming 100 mails a day May be. And my volume is not that big yet so so far seems good and I did not bother enquiring about it in detail. You may see few seconds delay in the relay.