Email verification app template from Adalo's competition

Hi guys, does anyone please know if and where are available apps and kits made by the contestants from the Adalo’s competition? I am looking for an Email verification template (0:54) in particular. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi @Tommen I worked with @jca (I think this is JC?) and @ben1 and made a cloneable app template for Signup with the components you need.

It includes:

  1. Email Validation (is the user typing in a valid email address?). Thanks @prakharm8 for the YouTube video and the free component in the Adalo Component Marketplace. Note: you may need to install this component, called “Email Validator” and use it in your Signup Flow. I’m unsure if by cloning an app, you automatically install its dependencies (installed components) into your Adalo account.

  2. Confirm Password: Doesn’t allow user to complete signup unless both Password and Confirm Password fields match.

  3. Email Verification: Using randomly generated one-time passcode (OTP) via the RAND function (thanks @ben1), we add a Property to the User for “Validation ID”.

You just need to connect up your Adalo custom action or Zapier trigger (new record filtered by Validation ID) with your email service, in order to send the email with the OTP to the user. Right now I have tested only by reading the OTP directly from within the Adalo database.

We eventually would like to add other signup functions, such as accepting terms & conditions, privacy policy, including GDPR compliance.


Thank you so much! I didn’t expect that. I am super grateful and keen to give it a try :hugs: thanks :relaxed:

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I would like to ask one more question please :slight_smile: I do not want to sound picky but wouldn’t it be possible to simply send a verification email that would only require to click the email and it would verify the address? Code generating is great but I’m afraid it could make some users unwilling to signup. Thank you :slight_smile:

I think this requires a couple of features which Adalo doesn’t have or support. It would require dynamically generated pages unique to each user. ? Not sure… @Colin?


@Colin What do you think please?

@Tommen This would specifically need deep links and ability to pass data into the app via deep link. Both of which do not exist within Adalo.


Thank you for your response @ben1 :slight_smile:

Is there a decent workaround for deep linking in the meantime? I would also like to do the same thing.

One workaround could be…
as the webapp seems to work for deeplinks, run that off the same database but how to get the mobile app to share that desktop / web app created page even?

Seems even an Instagram clone in Adalo for example would need deep linking right?

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Unfortunately this isn’t available yet but is one of the higher requested features we have and hope to be able to get to it soon! I do encourage everyone wanting it to upvote this feature request:

By upvoting it you accomplish 2 things… 1) You let us know that there is demand for this feature and 2) You will be emailed directly when the status of this feature request changes :slight_smile:

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