Need a fast and cheap Developer

Need a developer who replies quick and has a lot of experience with adalo need these things done with 1-2 days
Group chat / Chat added to my app
A notification system for people to get notifications when someone messages them or a notification I can put out (notification as in when their phone is off and there not on the app and they receive a pop notification from the app

And a zipcode feature for people to purchase things nearby since it is a market app

What is your budget?

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:man_facepalming: but you got dinero lol.

Can’t seriously expect someone to do it for that amount.

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Lmao tbh all of it went into investments and now it’s gone

I appreciate the ask. But for that amount of money I would suggest just learning and doing it yourself.

“Need a fast, experienced and cheap developer” - Everyone ever.

Let me break it down for you…

Experienced and fast developer = Not cheap

Fast and cheap developer = Not experienced

Cheap and experienced developer = Not fast


Sadly many think that “no-code” is something that should be free or just cost a dime to create… “Its so easy I could do I myself - therefore I give you 50 USD and you should gladly take that”.

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