A Big Thank You to Adalo

Hi guys,

Please don’t consider it spam but I really want to speak it out.

I regularly visit the forum here and every time I see harsh, strong and sometimes offensive messages accusing Adalo of low speed, bugs whatever.
But as long as you are here - you cannot code, right?
How much time and money would you spend without Adalo?
My example - I was quoted $100,000 and at least 6 months for the app I created in Adalo for free and 2-3 months.
I then upgraded to a paid plan and my app is there in the AppStore and Google Play.

I would never have had my app done without Adalo.
Yes, the speed is often low here in Europe. Yes, there are bugs from time to time.
However, the guys at Adalo do manage all the bugs I ever come across.
They have considerably improved the app speed this year.
They regularly add nice and useful features.
They continuously improve.

Think about all this before starting a drama and accusing the Adalo team threatening you would leave the service.
They makes your dream come true - at least at the MVP level.


We very much appreciate the kind words Alex


Yes, it is amazing.
There were moments as I believe that I am not finishing my projects as Adalo has some limits. But after some documentation and work I am over-thrilled about the results.
So yes, @kollekzioner a Big Thank You to Adalo! :partying_face:

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True, I have been complaining because of the webapp issue, but after Mfork has his feature to add phone screen and PC screen I was more than happy! But yeah Adalo does great and will continue doing great!

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I feel like Adalo is the closest I’ve seen to what I imagine the future to product development to look like. We’re all pioneers, we should all be proud, and Adalo as a tool is amazing, just limited by our imaginations.


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