What reason that bring you stay with Adalo new pricing?

Hello community, I would like to know your reason for people who staying with Adalo.

I know a lot of people are complain(actually me also) , but before the end of this month subscription.
To be fair with Adalo, please tell your reason to stay with Adalo. (Me and many people who feel not comfortable may re-think about it).

It should be good side topic.

Best Regard.

Hi @Zer151 ,

Low learning curve aka easy to use
Quick iteration aka fast to deliver
Built-in database aka having auto refresh feature
Push notification aka integrated native app functionality

Quick tip, to avoid action limit, use previewer.adalo.com to run the app, actions will not be counted.

thank, the preview is very slow than build and won’t get notification.

Do you think Adalo will make something like chat better than today ?

You have to be careful. When the word pricing is in your headline you can easily get a strike🤡

I had approx. the same post and got warned and the post was deleted😂

My intention is to see what reason user will stay.

Just only sharing good side.

Thank for reply, I’m learning other platform that you can download code and the collection is real global scale (real-time database) no more loading while sending chat.

Thank David and Adalo staff to kick my ass out from here.

Adalo still good to make a mock up fast with see all screen together. But when I break through new platform, I know it’s not gonna screw up layout in different screen size.

So there is no reason to staying here with business plan when I found something that more sustainable.

Still thanking Adalo to open my no code world and kicking me out.