Need a Log In With Spotify Component

Hi all,

I need to hire someone to build a login with Spotify component. If anyone has availability/interest, I’d appreciate it!

I’d also need the login button to pull user data for use throughout the app (like top artists, related artists, monthly listener count/popularity, and concert data)!

There is a component for Adalo

at 600$ per component, I don’t think many people are tempted… some here do it for 30$…

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Hi bioveneris,
If you need Spotify Login button, let’s discuss in DM. We have discounts and I think we will find good solution suitable for us.

It’s funny that often people won’t spend $600 on a component but spend 1000’s on service to do the same job.

If you’re looking to hire someone to build a login component with Spotify integration, that’s super cool! It’s always great to find talented individuals for tech projects.