👀 Sneak peek of a new component!

Guess the new component coming SOON!

Just going to say that this component will change Adalo forever :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Can't show app name 🤫...

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The app colors are a HUGE hint too :eyes:

mini orange? :slight_smile:

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It’s a type of auth service

lolol Oauth. That said, i think the way Adalo prices re: app actions may hurt enterprise who want Oauth. if you’re talking thousands of employees just even logging in, they won’t want to pay using this pricing model.

If you were to hire an agency to make a web app for you it would cost $50,000-$200,000. Adalo costs way less than this and is significantly cheaper than any other tool or agency.

Also, Adalo is a VERY underated tool.

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No disagreement on the usefulness of Adalo at all, I’m personally using it to test some concepts but will eventually have to move away to a solution with a different pricing model. My comment wasn’t Adalo vs custom development or an agency, it is Adalo vs. Bubble, flutterflow, thunkable, glyde, etc.

Think about it this way, let’s say i want to build a dating app and choose to use the deck swiper. Let’s say like every other dating app I have 20,000 fake profiles and 10 real users. I’m through my 30,000 app actions REAL quick with people mindlessly swiping.

Again, I’m a HUGE fan of Adalo, but i wish it were priced differently. In use-cases where there may be a lot of interaction, but low dollar transactions, Adalo’s pricing-model makes it so i have to choose something like Flutterflow or thunkable instead that doesn’t cap my swipes, clicks, loads, etc.

Would someone scroll through 20,000 profiles? What do you mean by this?

Yes. As an example, I’m building a sales platform for pokemon cards with a tinder-like metaphor, swipe right to buy, swipe left to skip. A marketplace… my users are swiping on about 1k cards a day (per user).

I’m not here to promote other platforms… not my goal at all. Adalo is $68/month which at that price point caps me at 30,000 total interactions. Flutterflow is $70 all you can eat interactions until i hit $10M in ARR (and the deck swiper is free).

Again, i prefer working with Adalo, i just wish there was a different model that would actually work with the use-cases i want to build.

I agree. Maybe you can raise this up to Adalo.

On a side note, what user would scroll through 1,000 cards/day :joy:…does your app have TikTok level addiction?

You would be surprised at the amount of interest in trading cards of all types, and the psychology of finding a deal. Ebay pricing models (and the percentage they take of each sale especially when considering PayPal fees) make it cost prohibitive to sell low value ($1-$5) cards there.

I’m a product guy and built my first app using Adalo. I love the ease of use of the platform as a business guy to be able to test ideas, publish and see if there’s product market fit before spending real money on development. That said, my first app is now bumping up on 30k interactions due to the complexity of it. Frankly, I wish I had built it elsewhere SOLELY due to the pricing model. I still want to test it, but i’m not willing to spend $200 a month on it given it’s doing $30 / month in ad revenue. Looking forward to seeing Oauth come out, thanks for building this all in public!

Yeah no problem, I love what you’re doing too! Keep on building :muscle: