Limit records from XANO GET API call

Dear All,
I have a Get query in Adalo which is pulling information in external collection database from API endpoint setup in Xano. I am using a simple list Adalo to show records but I don’t want to show all records at once. There shall be (lets say) 5 records visible at a time and then user can see more records as he/she scrolls down in the list.

I found below article from Airtable, is there any equivalent version for Xano please:

Thank you very much for help.

Have you tried the second option in the advanced section of the list?

It will still require you to fetch all your records at once I imagine, tho.

It’s hard to tell from Xano’s API docs if they support limits and offsets like Adalo does (and since I don’t have beta access I can’t play with it for sure to know), but if not I imagine you could wire it up by using an input to take the value and a stack function to receive the value and pass it to the query.

Hi @diemer_hdwy, thank you for quick reply. :slight_smile:

I dont see any Advance section if I am using external collections. Perhaps I need to pass some query parameter similar to Airtable. Apologies I am new to coding, could you please give more details on your second solution.

Ah, I didn’t realize external collections didn’t have that option but it makes sense.

I would read thru Xano’s documentation about APIs for more info. It should shine some more light on how to set that up.

Xano offers external paging - you can simply call the first page in your case once you set it up

Hey @Achin

You can enable paging in @xano by going to the output. By default, this is disabled.

I haven’t used it personally, but I see an option there.

Thank you @bhanu and @Lukasz. Does this mean that I shall have API storing data in local Xano table and then only I can use Query all Records to setup paging?

So far, I was not storing any data in Xano and was only using it to manipulate and filter results.

Thanks again.

@Achin do you mean you send the data from Adalo to Xano to manipulate and filter the data?

Where’s your data currently?

Hi @bhanu, data is currently stored in Nano blockchain. I have defined an API in Xano to pull it from Nano blockchain and then manipulate it for specific results. Adalo is then exeucting Xano API to pull this data in app.

I was asking if I shall run API query in Xano and then store it locally in Xano table for this “Query All” clause to be executed as per your solution above.

Ahh interesting, maybe that’s the way.

@xano can help you here. Might want to join their community and ask, you might get response quickly.

Thank you @bhanu for the help