Need different returns within the Response


I was able to successfully set up a shipping api thanks to the help of the community and its experts. I’m having one interesting dilemma however, The full response I get has multiple shipping rate responses but for some reason the only accessible property fields have to do with the most expensive return. How do i specify which return values I want to be able to work with within in adalo, if the there isn’t an option available to do so. The full response in code is much larger than what’s available through adalo’s property interface, I tried to add properties based on the full response to no avail. I’m sure there’s a way to specify which rate I want to adhere to but I’m just confused that the full response already has what I want and the properties that I can work with limit those options. Is there a way to change which response values are input within the adalo property framework or will have to figure this out through the offered documentation that I used to set up the api to begin with?

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