Zillow API integration

Can anyone please help me with the Zillow API integration. I’m new to APIs in Adalo.


Hi Ark,

What you need to do with that API? Where are you stuck currently?

Thank you

Hi Dilon, Thanks for getting back.

Zillow is platform that lets us get the details of Real Estate. I wanted to use the API, in order to display a list in my app.

It is a real estate app, that fetches data from Zillow’s API.

The Problem I’m facing is to configure the API settings in Adalo. Can you please help me with this?


The main data, I want is the Pictures. Kindly help me with it

Thanks in Advance!

Ah got it! I’ll look at this tomorrow and update you here!

I made some progress in it, But still have a huge error.

The API in the Adalo fetches just one data, and populates the entire list.

Here is a link to the app

It just fetches the data from the API

Hey @Ark,

Try to rearrange the sequence of the properties in the External Collection (left pane). Make sure that the property representing unique ID of the record is the first one.

I don’t remember if only rearranging works, or you need to recreate the collection and arrange them correctly while creating the external collection.

Sometimes this helps.



Thank you guys for your support!

Thank you so much Victor, it solved my issue. Yes, we need to keep the Unique ID as the first property.


I’m sorry for not getting back @Ark and happy that your problem is fixed! Thanks Victor!

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