Need Help Connecting Azure Chatbot to Adalo's Custom Action

I hope you’re all doing well. I’m currently working on a project where I’m trying to integrate an Azure Chatbot into my Adalo app using Custom Actions. I’m facing some challenges in getting everything set up correctly.

Specifically, I’m looking for help on the following points:

  1. Azure Chatbot Setup: I’m not entirely sure how to properly configure my Azure Chatbot to work within Adalo. I’ve created the bot in Azure, but I’m unsure about the settings, endpoints, and authentication procedures to make it function seamlessly.

  2. Adalo Custom Action Creation: While I understand Adalo’s Custom Actions, I’m uncertain about the exact steps needed to create a Custom Action that can interact with the Azure Chatbot. What parameters do I need to define? How do I structure the API calls to ensure data exchange?

If you’ve had experience connecting Azure services to Adalo or know about APIs and custom integrations, I would greatly appreciate any advice, tutorials, or even code snippets you could provide. Even if you haven’t worked with Azure Chatbot specifically, any general guidance on API integrations within Adalo would be incredibly helpful.

Thanks so much in advance for your time and expertise. This community has always been supportive, and I’m looking forward to any insights you can share!

Best regards,
Ark Pandey

Hi @ArkPandey,

I don’t have a Azure account to try this out but you could try! : Bot Framework Connector service REST API reference - Bot Service | Microsoft Learn

Thank you

Hi, Thanks for your reply. I saw this document before, If possible, can you please help me find the endpoints and the headers?
Thanks Ark

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