Need help filtering Bubble data

Hi all (first post yay),

Just started my first Adalo project. I’ve created a Bubble backend and connected it to my Adalo project but I can’t get my search bar to work properly. I’ve gone through the Data API article on Bubble and tried to apply the knowledge but no luck. See screenshot below for current situation

Is this completely wrong or am I on the right track?

Hey @renzetc, Any luck with this? This is how I added my bubble constraints. It works when testing collection but not when getting data at page level

Hi @TimNjeru

Not sure if I can answer your question properly as I’m still new in Adalo & with setting up API connections. However when you want your filter to apply to all fields your “key” should be “_all” I think. Did you manage to get it right already?

Hi @renzetc, I am where you where when you posted this lol. any insights or tips you can share would help me greatly. I have my bubble db set (with test data) and am able to create a user in both places and keep them in sync… I am having trouble with literally everything else:

  1. can’t push the current record (of any kind) to the next screen
  2. doing simple sorts and constraints is not working