Creating & updating data in Bubble backend

Hi all,

I’m building my Adalo frontend and the main thing I’m struggling with right now is that I can’t create or update Bubble data from my Adalo frontend. I have followed every step in all tutorials I could find and I think everything is set up properly on the Adalo side so I figured maybe there’s something I need to change on the Bubble side.

Do I need to connect the Adalo API to Bubble’s API Connector as well? Or is setting up the Bubble API enough for this to work?

Do I need to set up API Workflows in Bubble to change data?

Since it’s relatively new, does anyone have experience using Bubble as a backend and changing its data on Adalo?

Some pics of setup below…

P.S. I’m using the External User beta as well.

Hey renztec,

not sure if you still need help, If so, there you go :wink:

I just made a complete series with all important questions:

How to synchronize user data
How to display and filter data from Bubble in Adalo
How to update data in Bubble from Adalo.

Maybe it is helpful for some of you :wink:


Hi @SarahBiberei ,

Thank you for your tutorial, this combination between Bubble & Adalo is perfect, they both complement each other for now. :grinning:

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Hi @SarahBiberei, thanks for your reply! I figured it out myself but I reckon this could be very useful to others, so thanks for taking the time to create this!

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Do you have a different video explaining how you did this? The video shows as “unavailable” on YouTube now