Using Bubble as external database

Anyone have experience using Bubble API for external collections and user authentication. I seem to have a problem with login and signup.

Hi Rick, what error are you getting?

Could not find any results. Are you sure the Results Key is correct? You can update that by going back and clicking into “Get All”.

However, I do receive the correct results.

Could you please do a screenshots of your actions and explain what you are trying to achieve, thanks

@rickman in the 2nd step for “Get All” - add the results key “results” and it should work.

Unfortunately it did not :frowning:

Please see the following link where people have had the same issue and offers a resolution Can I use APIs?

Hey Rick!

Just finished setting up a Bubble + Adalo app. You have two results keys in this order: response and results. You should be able to add a second app!

Lmk if you have any other questions on this!

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Add a second key* :sweat_smile:it’s getting late

would love to learn more.

Shoot me a message at !

I’ve had success pulling data from Bubble into Adalo following this tutorial + Adalo: Building The Perfect App (Working with API and Adalo API) - YouTube now I need to have users search the data in Adalo. I’ve looked at Bubble’s API reference( Reference | Bubble ) and can’t seem to figure out how to set this up in Adalo. Can anyone help?

Hello Mike, I am building an app by using adalo +bubble. I have problems in uploading pictures from bubble to adalo. Have you tried to do this before? could you please give me some suggestions. Thanks

Are you using URLs for the images?

Thanks for your response. Yes, I used URL. Do you know how to upload it? Thanks