Need help on implementing minimum length of text Input to avoid getting empty string

I have an input field for ‘Comment’ with max length set to 140 chars, I have placed a logic to check that if the input field is empty, however, if the user enters just space in the comment input field and submit - an empty string will be saved in the database.

Right now I am trying to prevent this by adding the default value of the input field but it could bypass if the user deletes the default text and then submit it with a space in the field!

Is there any workaround to implement minimum length functionality after trimming the input field? Maybe there should have been a formula for text manipulation like trim() and strlen() functionality.

Appreciate any help.

Please see this feature request: All varieties of string functions in Magic text. Functions like Substring, convert Uppercase, trim text and etc | Voters | Adalo

OK, Thanks for the response, I just voted for this feather as well. String handling features are a must for any serious app development. Shouldn’t be difficult for the Adalo team to implement this. Hope to have it soon.

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