Need help setting up subscriptions for my app

I’m banging my head against the wall with this one.

My goal: I want users to purchase a subscription with the stripe component (or even just an external service, don’t care at this point). Each time the subscription renews, it should edit the user to update the expiration date, and add a subscription purchase record that has “credits” (just a number field).

My struggles:

  • Idk how to get user ID’s
  • I can’t search records with Zapier

I figure I need to set up a Zap in Zapier that triggers on a successful purchase. Then I need to find the appropriate user and add the subscription purchase. My problem is finding the User record. I suppose that is what I need help with.

Bonus points if we can set up a way to upgrade or downgrade subscriptions.

Hi @jasondupree I have made this exact flow for my app. Feel free to send me a message and I’m happy to help you.

Here’s a screenshot of my flow for this on Integromat