Upgrade / downgrade subscription

I was wondering what was the best practice to manage subscriptions for paid users. My app is food ordering system (2-sided marketplace) so I have both clients and providers. Providers can choose a plan between paid and free options. I was wondering if there was a way to manage upgrade / downgrade easily from the app directly? I have seen the following resource and have applied it: https://help.adalo.com/integrations/stripe/subscription-payments

It’s not clear how to display the current plan and how to change it.
Thank you in advance.

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You could update properties of a collection when the user hits the submit for payment on Stripe. The limitation with this currently is that while the user can cancel their subscription it does not show this in Adalo. You may be able to combine a Zapier integration to provide your Stripe data to your table.


Thank you for the feedback. How is it possible for the user to cancel the subscription? From the app directly or somewhere else?

I will check how to combine witg zapier. Is there any tutorial on this?

Once the user signs up for the subscription on your app the area will now say Subscription Settings, they can click on it and then it will say stop subscription.

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Thank you for this! In my app the user sees the subscription settings right after paying but can find that setting again afterwards. What do we need to do to have that always appear? and can we choose where it appears?

The user would see this anywhere you have the stripe subscription component that is connected to the same stripe product/plan id.

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Hi Ben, thanks a lot for that answer, that would be awesome! Unfortunately this doesn’t work for me. Even though the plan id/product is the same the stripe component doesn’t seem to recognize if a user already has a subscription or not. Just reloading the page, makes the subscription settings disappear.

Is there any way to resolve this?

Okay, what I described above seems to only happen in test mode, when live the settings page appears.