Recurring Payments

Is the in app recurring payments still in Beta?

Hello @HelenR ! If you need Stripe recurring payments, it’s available. But if you need IAP subscriptions for digital goods, PragmaFlow have a great toolkit that you can use PragmaFlow Adalo Toolkit


Thanks @Boglex appreciate it. I was under the impression that we have to use Apple and not stripe. Can we use stripe instead?

If someone is buying a product that “unlocks” in the app you must use Apple’s IAP (in app purchase). Examples are subscriptions, limited to unlimited access, etc.

If someone is buying a service or physical product you can use Stripe (pickup and delivery, physical goods, etc)


Thank You :slight_smile: @cutefatboy

@cutefatboy would I be able to send the person outside the app to my website to complete the purchase and then update the record using an external collection? eg. the locked version is “Membership A”, once they pay (outside the app) I update their record to say their membership is “Membership A”

Hey there @HelenR

Yep, it’s possible. You’ll have to set up an API call to create a new record in Adalo. You can use something like Zapier or Make to perform the API call when the payment is received.

For example in Zapier:

You’ll need to create a collection called subscriptions that has the subscription ID (text or number value based on the parameters sent by your website’s order system (i.e., woocommerce)), the user’s email address, active status, and any other parameter you feel necessary that the website sends.

You can use that email address as a filter when listing subscriptions for the user where subscription>email = logged-in user>email.

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Thanks @Flawless

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