Need help with an external collection


I currently have a problem with an external collection. You can preview the app here:

On the screen “Home”, there is only the first result which appears.

This is this one:

I don’t know why it only shows the first row.

I have also tried with another one, which you can see on the test screen and this one works.

I don’t know what I missed or if it’s a bug…

I tried and also experienced the same issue. I will see if I’m able to find what the problem is.

Hi, @anon78309838. Any news about it ?

I experienced a similar issue. My workaround was to add a column at the beginning of the data set that contains unique IDs for each row.

I’m not sure what changed but this seems to be working now. @domsilvestre can you confirm for you it works too?

No it’s still not working :slightly_frowning_face:, I’ll try tomorrow with the solution of @Kyle.

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