Help with Appointments App Clone

I’m using the Appointments App Clone for a course registration app.
I was able to match most of the features I need but I couldn’t figure out where is the interface of the teacher / administrator where he approves or disapproves the registration?

In addition, is it possible to limit registration for courses to the number of participants? For example a course for 20 people, I want to allow the first 20 people to register and then the registration will be closed and no further registration will be allowed beyond the number of places I defined.

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someone help ?

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  1. I’m not familiar with the template but I can say how I would approach this… use a ‘status’ field.
    When a student adds their self to the course, status = request
    Teachers are then shown a list of course attendees where status = request.
    They can then change status to “approve” or “reject”.

Obviously there is some logic that follows in your front end, conditional links and visibility.

  1. Each course has a number field “max_attend”. When the count of attendees < max attend, show the sign up button, when the inverse is true, show a “course full”, join waitlist. etc…

Hope this helps.

If you want further guidance I can review what you have and help you build it out further

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