Need help with Auto-focus

Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 7.13.51 AM

When a user enters this login screen, I expect my app to take him directly to field 1 (with keyboard opened for entry). Right now, he again has to click the particular field before typing. Not a behaviour on most apps we use. Tried auto-focus on the field, no difference noted!

Just FYI: this is not the first screen. He comes here post clicking (Already have an account) on the previous screen.


The auto-focus option is available when you add an input (add component => form & fields => text input).

So if you want this, the solution is to create a personalized login form.

Thanks, STWEB. I did that part. But on arrival to this screen (with an auto-focused text input), neither the field gets selected nor the keyboard opens for entry.

Ok so wait for an other response or maybe it’s a bug, submit a ticket here :
Submit a Support Ticket (select “I believe I found a bug”)

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