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Hello everyone!

I have spent all day watching, rewatching, and searching the forums and can’t find out an answer. I am wanting to create a chat feature within my app that would allow registered/logged-in users to message but rather than selecting other users to send a message to I am wanting to have a default “admin” all the messages go to. Is this possible?

Yes it is possible. The way I would do this is create a button, turn it into a list of users…


Reduce the height to one cell…

image image

Now filter the list for the user you want to send the message to…


Now put the list near your message field (name the input field ‘message input’)…


Now set the button action like this…

From here you can then do links to a confirmation modal or link to another page, whatever you want really.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Issue is tutorials are outdated, and nothing works within it!

What issues are you having?

Its outdated everything in tutorials nothing wanna come, I dont even know a 1% on how to add t, tried and tried nothing works. I am trying to find someone to help me…

What is not working. If you can give me more detail and more context of your problem then I may be able to help.

Is it possible I give you access to my template, and you add chat feature in it, The problem is that I tried to follow with the video, any other template but I scratch my mind on how. and to be honest that would help, if not thats okay!

You can add me as a team member but I think you need to upgrade to a paid account account to do this

I can do it, whats your email?

hi Jaron
in my opinion, you have to describe your problem more so other can understand and help
I myself didn’t get what you meant
in this forum you will not get every solution for every problem, you just understand the concept of this powerful tool and let your creativity do the rest , there are too many ways to do it in adalo
and since no many documentation available I advise you to see more videos or tutorials done by the community users to familiarize your self with it
or get @pfordmedia ourse on udemy for about 19 USD and he also explains how to do chat on the apps
very helpful
I hope my comment was helpful for you and others
hope other forum members help you with your issue
but you need to describe your problem more :wink:

ok so let me see if I can explain what I want better. I have watched all the videos regarding the chat feature and I guess where I get hung up is I want 2 different types of “chat” within my app. The first one I would like is basically a comment/chat section like YouTube has on videos where the user (if they are registered and signed in) can comment on certain sections of the website.

The second type of chat I am wanting is basically a 1-way chat where the registered/logged in user can click on a link type a message that comes to a single admin who can replay. I am trying to basically recreate this type of feature…

On my side fo the app, when I am logged into the admin account I would have a “conversations” page that had all the new messages that had been sent to me from different users in the app but on the user’s side, as long as they were logged in, would just be able to start a message like in the picture above.

I hope that I am explaining this correctly? I don’t mind giving someone access as a team member if that’s more helpful. I am just frustrated and at a loss since I’ve been at this for about 6 hours trying to nail down how to do it correctly.

If you need any clarification, just let me know! Thanks everyone!

So after many more hours of watching, reading and learning - I finally got the part of the chat working. Now Im wondering if there is a way that all the messages sent from logged in users can come to just my admin account so I can reply to them?

See my explanation at the top of this thread

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