Group chat - adding/selecting users while creating a group chat

Hi All,

I’ve created all types of chats already, following the tutorials etc. All is working. I understand how a user can join the chat (and there are already topics regarding this here).

What I somehow cannot figure out is how a logged in user can select several members in the list of users, make that list of selected users visible above (where he/she can edit that selection) and then after create a group chat and add them all there like it works in Whatsapp and Telegram.

I tried to embed buttons in the list of users, to make those buttons a list of conversations etc - nothing seems to work… and I cannot understand how I can first select the Users (add them to the conversation) and only after that create that conversation…

I believe I miss some logic there. Could you please help?


Hi @Elgi,

I guess that you first need to create a conversation, and then add users to it.
I’ve made a quick&dirty POC:
Didn’t test it extensively, to be honest - but it seems to work at a glance :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.


Hi @Victor .

Thanks so much for this short tutorial. I’ll try to apply the same logic and will let you know if I have more questions! Could you please also tell me how I can change the format of the date? I see in your video it shows the date and the time. In my case I see it in the format of “xx minutes ago”.
Thanks, again!

Hi @Elgi,

On the left pane, you could press on a small pen and then select the format:


@Victor thanks, everything works!


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