Need help with relationship complex for me

Hi all,

i need to achieve a relationship between a user table and a sport rating table.

I explain :

In my rating table i have :

  • The name of the opponents
  • A case that show if i win or i loose
  • The number cote (rating of my opponent)
  • My rating cote
  • The date of the match
  • The number of points i win (if i win)
  • The number of points i loose ( if i loose)
  • Where i play the match or the name of the competition

What i need is that when a user is logged in, the name will be recognized and i can see all my matchs and informations about them and my rating cote …

for example you can have many matchs per user so i don’t know how i can do that and how can each user of my database (wich is a player) see all informations of their matches.

Thanks for all

Hi @bishope ,

List all your collections in spreadsheet first with their examples.

Recognize which one is the parent which one is the child, then you can relate them.

I don’t understand exactly what you mean?
Can you give me a example with the attributes a send before ?

For you I must have all my attributes in a collection and link to the user data base ?

Use spreadsheet, and the column name as your field name, and the example data below it, just like you use table.

Put as much as example as you can and put all collection in spreadsheet, so you can see the pattern.

After that, identity which one is the parent, meaning the child will be many and will look up to parent’s name.

This way, you will know what option to choose when creating relationship.