Need help with tutorial, instructions how to create education/health app in Adalo

Hi everyone.

I want to create an app in the education/health sphere and ask for advice in the community and Adalo support. How can I do my idea in Adalo?

I describe the short functionality of the idea below:

  1. General:
    1.1. It’s an app with different courses.
    1.2. Every course is a part of a whole complex system. We can call it like 1 course and many modules inside.
  2. Payments:
    2.1. Users can buy another module only if they finished the previous one in the chain.
    2.2. Also user has some free modules.
    2.3. Also user has some modules that can be bought at any time without the rules about finishing some previous modules.
  3. Module:
    3.1. Every module looks like a chatbot with different texts. pictures, videos, questions, etc. The user received the task in the chat, reads or listens and then the bot sends the question, and the user answers it.
    3.2. Every new lesson/task (video information, questionnaire, text information) in the module will be sent/access for the user after finishing the previous.
  4. Special module:
    (not exactly like the module in the course, maybe like some calculation process)

4.1. It’s a table/form with different indicators, where the user should write his own number to them. Like:

Add your numbers:

Users put the numbers like:

A: 23.5
B: 245
C: 0.8

4.2. Then, according to some rules that I add, the bot should write the results about these numbers. Like:
A is normal.
B is not enough, you should do smth and smth.
C is huge, you should decrease do smth.

I will appreciate your advice, tutorial, or answering about how I could create such functions in the app in Adalo. :pray:
Maybe some articles, instructions and so on. I have never used Adalo earlier. Thank you!

Adalo doesn’t have a tutorial for this, but you can request it here:

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