Need Help with updating and deleting records

I currently have a few pages with lists created, the items that are picked are supposed to show up on the home page. Right now when I click on an item in the lists they are transferred to my home page.
However, when I try to update my list and pick different items/same items in the lists they are just add onto the current list. It looks like whatever I pick is stored in the database as a record and the same/new items are added to this record (will have doubles). I need the records of the old picks to be deleted and the new items that are picked to replace the old items on my home page and in the record. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you in advanced.

Hi, @ericcorn23


So, if i’m understanding you correctly, you are picking items from a list on another page and want those items that you picked to show up on your home screen.

This can be done, but what you have to be careful of is sending data to the correct screens.

What I would do, again if i’m understanding you correctly, is have a whole other collection for these lists that you are building in the app (not the ones already on the pages, but the ones you want the items to show up on). You will then, by selecting an item from one of your lists, create or update your current list. Then you will display that new list on your home screen.

I hope that makes sense.

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