Making a guidebook with some free entries plus overlapping groups?

So I want to make a guidebook that is free to sign up to and get a handful of free guides. Access to all of the guides would then need to be purchased.

The guides have overlapping categories too and rather than having duplicate database entries it would be nice to tag them with multiple categories similar to a blog post. Can anyone advise on structure for this?

My thoughts on structure are that there is a Guide Post collection. There would also be separate Guide Post Category, Guide Post Equipment and Guide Post Age Range collections of which the Guide Post can be a member of multiple through relationships. Is this the right way to do this or is there a simpler way?

Also each post would have a true/false property for setting if paid/free. But I’m thinking trying to figure out a way to visually show that the paid ones are locked. I’ll spend a bit more time with the digital purchases add-on and see what I can do. Was also considering of giving the user a true/false property for paid member or not to show/hide elements for unlocking content.

Hi @PMD ,


Usually database schema comes with picture, but in Adalo you can change them easily and experimenting in the editor is forcing us to make better relations.

Mostly, categories are tied in post as 1-to-M, but tags can be M-to-M, the difference is with M-to-M, after create action, we must do update action and at that field choose Add->relationship field.

Experiment first then iterate later, that is the strength of Adalo.

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