Need some help with screen

How to properly design a blank screen while loading a list from the database?

Make a separate screen with animation or use an existing one?
P.s. The data is loaded for about 6 seconds

Have you tried using a loading bar that is triggered with a modal when you get directed to that screen?

Otherwise just trigger a modal and put a time on that screen loading the list that gets triggered after you land on it.


Is there an empty state option on this screen?

You might need to link to the screen you are trying to load the content and add a layer that is visible for x number of seconds.

I dnt know what you mean by an empty state.



This is how it works now:
The second screen loads with a delay. The entire list is loaded from the database (about 2000 entries)

Select the list, advance settings and check the box load as user scrolls.

Have you got that checked?


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Thank’s 4 your help!
But i use “Simple list” because of “list search” feature.

I didn’t find “list search” feature in “Custom list”

Custom lists don’t have a “list search” feature. You can add a text input component and filter a custom list that way.

For example, click on your list and add a filter like: Item Name contains Text Input.

Here’s a live example:

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Please try a custom list and do as explained in the images. structure the design as you please from in the custom list.

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