Need to create App which uses data from google sheet

Hello All,

I am trying to build a mobile App using Adalo which can fetch data from Google sheet instead of storing into Adalo database. In addition to this , I can also use Adalo database if I can use any API to refresh every hour with Google sheet … either way will work for me.

Also , I like to publish it to Google and Apple devices.

Please help me here what is the best way possible from here… Also , if you could help me find any template on which I can build my App then that would be really great !!

Alok Beheria

There are google sheets API services available online.
Sheety is one.

Once you have chosen a sheets API, then go right ahead and connect it, adalo help files have you covered there.
Same for PlayStore and iOS builds, Adalo help files are concise in this matter.

What is the use of “Adalo FIle” … Can you shed some light here ?

I would appreciate if you could help me find a link of a small project which does use of Sheet. IN addition of this, I can also hold my data into Adalo database , but I need this to be refreshed every 1 hour or so. This can also work for me.


This forum has gone from a wonderful vibe of hive learning to expecting things to be done for you.
You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

Make (integromat)

Those are two tools that could perform that refresh function you are seeking.

I just asked, if there are any help available in terms of building App using Google sheet. I myself build App using Google Appsheet and I am here just because I need solution which is cost effective.

Thanks for your help.