Excel spreadsheets

Can an excel spreadsheet be included in a web app using Adalo?

Hi @mbrew1964 & welcome to the Adalo community!

You can use anything that can be updated via API. I don’t think Excel would work well for this. A better solution would be Airtable (you could use Google Sheets as well).

Forgive me for being so weak in this area. Sounds like what you’re telling me is MS products do not work well with API. I have a financial model in excel that I am trying to build into a 'prototype" web app. I’ve never used Google Sheets. I wonder if excel formulas and functions can be copied into Google Sheets? Any experience with that? Thanks so much for the initial response.

Yes, majority of the functions in Excel are in Sheets. They’re also in Airtable.

You’ll just need to make sure it’s in DB format, not like an excel model.

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