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I already build an App in Appsheet and discovered the deployment cost is high if I use login facility to my customer. I am now thinking to re-deploy this to cost effective platform.

Here, I used the google sheet with googlefinance function to build the system and thinking if there any possibility using the same database on Adalo and also , if I used login facility , then what will be the cost for the Andriod App license


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To connect your Google sheet you can use SheetDB as a External Collection.

And the login facility means Login feature to the app right? If it is you can add the Login screen and it’s free. For connect to SheetDB, Publish the app you need a paid plan.

Here’s the Pricing plans.

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Thanks Dilon and I greatly appreciated your detailed answer to my question. Here, I am completely new to Adalo and not sure if the tasks which I initially though to include in Appsheet can be incorporated here or not. I am still exercising my option with Adalo and would appreciate if you can guide me further about integrating following features/options.

  1. I will like to use google sheet as my Database and it seems it’s possible with Adalo using JSON API.

  2. Need to create users Logins in App to provide user security and I think , this can also be achieved.

  3. I like to create deck view to my menu items and like to put some validation on data depending on condition.

  4. Like to integrate a logic where in users login expires after 30 days and like to integrate payment facility into it.

  5. Like to create dashboard view where I can showcase performance as a whole and also for users individually.

  6. I like to provide this App for free use for 30 days and before the user can actually use it free , they must fill the form to provide details like their name , email , phone , Loc etc. and after 1 month , they need to purchase in order to use the App’s feature .

I almost build the App using Appsheet , but discovered logins facility in Appsheet is not cost effective and that is the reason I am looking for low cost App development where in I can port my existing idea and rollout this to users on Android and Apple platform.

Following is screen shot of my existing App.


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You can add the Signup screen and Login screen and the users can Signup and Login.

How about using Deck Swiper Component?

Sorry not sure about this.

Seems like creating two apps. One for Admin and one for the user.

Sorry no experience on this :neutral_face:

And Good Luck with your app.

Thank you

Thank a ton for providing the inputs. Here , if someone able to let me know about things/features whether these can be used or not using Adalo. I am really not sure about how to go about Adalo and building my kind of App which fulfills all the points which I asked in last post.


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Hi I assure you must go with adalo its help you to lots to figure out your app cost and much easier to maintain all the cost of the app and also you have great record to maintain the cost of the app and its also help you in the future.