Nested List Query parameter don't work with magic words

Hello !

Description of the problem :

I got a problem with a GET request.
I created a screen to display notes of students, in this screen I have a first list with each matiere and inside this list I have a nested list with each notes of this matiere. (This is my main problem, display each notes of each matiere.)

My second list is a list of “Student Marks” (external collection) and I need to put 4 Query parameters. At this point everything is OK.

If I put parameters without magic words, I can get a result, BUT I will have notes the same matiere everywhere ! (The request is working, this is the important point. For exemple you can test with values of User1)

Now I need to have the marks relative to matere indicated before the list of marks, which is displayed by the previous list. In this case, I use magic words on the Query parameter “matiere”. (Path of the magic word = More… => Current Constante Matiere => matiere)

Now, after using magic word I just have no result. So, i writed inside my database the parameters passed by adalo (firstname - lastname and matiere) and the result is strange, I have a result for firstname and lastname BUT i have a NULL value for matiere !) I’ve tested to put Query value without magic word and inside the nested list (List of marks) i created a new text area with the same magic word than the Query (Path of the magic word = More… => Current Constante Matiere => matiere) … And I have a result. Magic word just don’t work properly for Query parameter of nested list.

If you have an alternative solution or if you know how to solve this, i’m very interested and we can help each others if you need some modification on my side (API for exemple)

You can clone it or follow next information to integrate it inside an other app.
Cloneable app : Test bug list nested

  • Create a new app

  • Add a new external collection :

  • Add a new external collection :

  • Create a new custom list :

    • What is this a list of ? => Select “School 0”
    • delete the text component “subtitle”
    • Edit the text component “title”, Text = Magic text with path => (Current SchoolMatiere => matiere)
  • Create a new custom list and put it inside the previous list :

    • What is this a list of ? => Select “Studentmarks”
    • delete the text component “subtitle”
    • delete the Shape component “Rectangle2”
    • Edit the text component “title”, Text = Magic text with path => (Current StudentMark => mark)

Time to add Query parameters !
Select your second list (list of mark) :
- Add filter =>
Query parameter name = firstname
Query parameter value = AaA_firstname
- Add filter =>
Query parameter name = lastname
Query parameter value = AaA_lastname
- Add filter =>
Query parameter name = dateOfBirth
Query parameter value = 08/25/2002
- Add filter =>
Query parameter name = matiere
Query parameter value = Commerce Distribution

Nice job ! You re created my page of students with User 1 data !
You can change Query parameter to user 2 or 3 and you can change Query parameter of matiere with everything inside the list “List of matiere for each users”.
As you can see, all marks are the same, because we do not used magic words on the Query matiere.

Now the goal is to change the values of marks for each nested list with the right matiere !

If you find a solution, share it with us !

External collection used :

  • School Matiere (Get matiere names inside a list)
  • Student Marks (Get a list of marks. You need 4 Query parameters, firstname, lastname, dateOfBirth and matiere)

Test value on Query Student Marks (if you want to test my API with Postman or things like that.)
firstname - lastname - dateOfBirth - matiere (each users have many matieres, you can test with others matieres present inside the list under the users )
User 1 : AaA_firstname - AaA_lastname - 08/25/2002 - Commerce Distribution
User 2 : BbB_firstname - BbB_lastname - 05/10/2000 - RH-Management
User 3 : CcC_lastname - CcC_lastname - 01/14/2002 - Affaires Internationales

List of matiere for each users :
Commerce Distribution
Comptabilité Gestion Finance
Affaires Internationales
Qualité Achat Logistique
Banque et Finance

Thx a lot for reading me, sorry for my poor english and have a nice day ! =)

Can someone test the project and confirm me my point of view ?
I don’t want to bother the support if I had done a stupid mistake.

Hi @Nicolas,

That’s interesting - I cloned your app, checked it - doesn’t work as well. I had a theory that “child” list don’t have enough time to load, and added some delay with the timer - but this didn’t help.
What’s interesting, when I put a “child” list on a separate screen (which has Current School Matiere) - child list loads with the magic text.

So it seems there is some bug with nested lists in external collections…


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Hello @Victor,
Thanks a lot for testing it ^^
I hadn’t think about a problem of loading, this was a good idea !
I have send a ticket to adalo staff about this bug, I will update this post if I got useful information and/or solution about this problem.

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Hi @Nicolas,

Would be interested to know what’s the result, so I appreciate if you could keep us updated :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.

No response from my ticket in the last 7 days.

Still no response from adalo about the ticket i send … 16 days ago.
On a bug.

And i got a new bug …
But i don’t want to detail it like the previous one because this seem to be useless. I lost 3H to create a reproductible and easy to undersand case with a lot of information and details … for nothing… It was useless.

This message is adressed to adalo’s staff :
Creating new options and tools is cool.
But the FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT things is to do not have bug on existing features.
You are creating a pile of fonctionnality and if you ignore bugs, one day, everything will explode and adalo will be unusable.

I will roll-out an Alpha version in 2 days and I have bugs that i can’t correct because the source of it is Adalo.

I looked into the status of the ticket and this bug is on our to-do list, just lower prioritised than others right now as it affects less makers.

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Thx for your answer Colin, you are the first personne of the Adalo compagnie to answer me.

It’s seem like Adalo have communication problem with tickets.
This is the first “offical” answer of adalo and i only get it because I “cry” on the forum. If i got the same message 10 days earlier inside my email box in answer to my ticket this would be much better and you will have less “crying” messages on this forum. (Tackle the source of the problem might be a good idea at my opinion. I’m sad to waste your time because of this lack of communication.)

this is rassuring to see than adalo already have the information about this bug.

I think you will hate my question but, do you have a date about this correction ? If you do not have it, do you have a statut ? (Currently working on it or inside the bugs waiting line ?)

Ps : Thanks to YOU specifically Colin, I use the forum often enough and you are the bridge between Adalo and the community. Your job are vital to users like me, and you do it well.
Event when it is hard because all reclamation and disatisfaction (not oriented on you, but on Adalo) justified or not, you do your job.
I will repeat myself but : Thanks a lot. For every message that bring us answer and hope when we are stuck.

We certainly have room for improvement in our communication. We are aware of the problems and actively tackling them one at a time. These things will improve drastically over time. We are still a young company and learning quickly.

The status of your bug report is currently on the To-Do list. Placed 17th in the Queue. At this point, it would be a total guess to estimate the resolution date of this, I’d prefer not to give you any false expectations on it.

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I used a new solution with less flexibility but this is still bugged.

I gave up the idea of nested list and I created a list for each of my matiere. (I put a label with a matiere and under it a create a list with marks of this matiere.)

I currently have 10 matieres, so I created 10 Custom lists on my screen.

I have a Query parameter to choose the matiere when i create the list. I don’t use magic word and write the name of the matiere manualy for each one.

Exemple :

BUT when i launch the app, I got a strange roll on the filter matiere (and it is defind by hand ! not a magic word !) and sometime … He lock on WRONG matiere -_-

I am open to any suggestion. This screen is starting to drive me crazy.

New solution, I think this will be the last.

This time I only display matiere without magic word and next to it i put the average mark of the studient.
If you clic on it, i display a pop-up with the detailed marks of this matiere.

@Nicolas thanks for sharing the update!

I wonder what causes such behaviour :thinking: I feel like in general it’s not a good idea to have several lists from external collections on one screen… but why?

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