Nested filter query; how to use a simple list to filter between pages

Hi All,

I’m still relatively new to Adalo, so I apologize if this seems like a silly question.

I have a nested filter query in a proof of concept; I’m trying to filter a list ( in this case “breeds of dog”) depending on the answers to a series of questions/collections (on different pages/screens) which I’ve linked via a relationship to breeds, but it doesn’t seem to work. Please see attached.

The filter and logic seems to work if I use dropdown menus, but not if I use a simple list? I’d prefer if the user could see all the options rather having to click a dropdown menu. Am I doing this wrong?

Any advice/tips would be much appreciated,

Hi @Roland,

If you added the link action to go to the other screens on the list then you should get that data on the next screens. If you added the link action on the button and not on the list to go to the other screens then you not will get that data and you can use Inputs !

You can have a input on the Test screen and you can name it and then on the Test screen simple list you can add a Change Input value action and select the added input to the input with the current record name from magic text for the value! And you can do the same for the other two screens and then you can filter the simple list on the results screen with that inputs!

Or if you are using the Users collection in your app you can create properties and save these values and filter the simple list in the Results screen with that properties!

Or you can create a collection and create properties and create a record and store them and filter with that values but that will finish you storage quickly.

If you can’t figure it out you can send this app as a clonable app or you can give me the access from adding this email from gear icon > app access section and add the email and I’ll make a video!(

Thank you

Tip : If you thought to add more questions you would need to create more screens. For that you can use this method and make it in a one screen!

Adalo hints: creating several repetitive data driven screens - with just one screen in the app. - YouTube - Made by Victor

Adalo Tutorial: Sequentially Page Through Records Using the Same Screen - YouTube - Made by Patrick

Adalo quiz tutorial - make a database driven true or false quiz (without multiple screens) - YouTube - Made by Nathan

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Hi Dilon,

Thanks for the detailed explanation, much appreciated!

Admittedly I’m still not sure I understand what you mean by using inputs, since the only “inputs” I could find was “text input”. I’m not winning with this, would you mind if I shared the clonable app with you to show me please? Here is the link: Dilon Support

If possible, would you mind showing me what to do with Test 4 where I have a slider (basically I would like the user to use a slider to select the score 1-5, rather than selecting from a list like the other questions).

In summary, I’m trying to make a app where the users answer a series of questions and based off their answers and the data in “Breeds”, a list of suitable breeds is recommended…

Any help/tips would be much appreciated

PS. As already mentioned, I can make the logic work with a dropmenu but not lists. I’m also trying to incorporate a slider in the mix

Hi Roland,

Yep Text inputs!

Check this out : Dilon Support

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