List (button) with conditions to be met doesn't appear sometimes

Hello, Adalo Masters!
I always appreciate your help and support.

I have a question that I have been struggling to resolve.

I made an app that you can create and book social activities.
For each activity, of course there will be ‘request to join’ button so that other users can join.

I made the button a list with different conditions.

For example)

Host : A
A created an activity called ‘Movie night’

Random user B saw the activity and wants to join.

However, ‘request to join’ button only appear to user B when below conditions are met

What is this a list of?
= Activities

Filter : All activities
Customer Filter:

  1. Title / is equals to / Current activity > Title


  1. Current activity > Requeting Users’ data / Does Not Contain / Logged in User


  1. Current Activity > Joining User’s data / Does Not Contain / Logged in User


  1. Current Activity > User > Email / is NOT equals to / Logged in User > Email

The reason why there are many conditions here is that I want to set different conditions for different buttons to appear.

As you know if B user is new to this activity, of courser
‘Request to Join’ button will appear.

If user B pressed ‘Request to Join’ button, then there will be another button appearing ‘Cancel Request’

Lastly, If the Host A accepts User B’s request, then the other button will appear ‘Not Going’ .

I tried so many things to make these three button appear according to the different situation. But there is no way I can do it with current Adalo system.
That is why I asked some questions to Adalo Staff and got the idea of ‘List’ button with different conditions.
The problem is that this takes really long time to load the button to appear.
And somehow, for some activities, it doesn’t appear as well.

I would appreciate if you could help me with this.
Many thanks…

Hi @springshowers,

And how users are stored in the Requesting Users and Joining Users? Like once the user clicks Request to Jon button the user adds to Requested users and then once the admin accept it that user is added to joined users?

Try removing the last filter ( email is not equal ) and group the three buttons with the list and then add that as a visibility condition?

Check this out! : Activities

Thank you

Thank you for your reply.
Did you make the buttons a list before grouping them?
And what data collection did you create for your demo app?

Because I thought that it would be simple like this
Let’s say B user clicks ‘Request to join’, → Current activity data collection has ‘Requesting user’s data’ including A user. so the 'Request to join button will disappear
and ‘Cancel Request’ button will appear.

Admin A accept the request of B user, → update data collection of the current activity → removing B from Requesting user’s data and add B to ‘Joined User’s data’.

Then ‘Not Going’ button appears.

However, this didn’t work before when I tried.
So I watched some event app-related youtube video of Adalo’s community leader or someone. to do this.

Thank you again

First I made them lists and then grouped them all! I have made the app as clonable that you can clone it and see!

A collection Activities! :

Added that!

Try again and see!

Thank you so much!
I figured why my logic wasn’t working.
Because I should have set up visibility conditions in two layers so that I can control 3 different situations for buttons to show up.

You just solved my few months of struggles, thank you so much.

I noticed that you didn’t make button as a list.
I think it shows that buttons are in the group.

I tried just grouping them, and it works.
The only thing is that UI perspective, I will create an empty rectangle box for each button so that buttons have a bit wider padding and it doesn’t show up right next to the other UI element.

Thank you so much man.
I appreciate your tips !!

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Yeah the first section is to show you that you can do with the count without making lists.The 2nd section is with lists!

Happy that your problem fixed!

I don’t know what’s wrong…
Somehow it was working ok and now after applying the empty background to give some padding on buttons, it doesn’t work anymore
Buttons are not showing. I don’t know if it is because my laptop or phone is slow. But it was working…

2022년 7월 25일 (월) 오전 11:08, Dilon Perera via Adalo <>님이 작성:

Is it possible to share that app as a clonable app or add this email to your app to check? ( gear icon in the editor > app access section > )

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