Time condition. a bug?

Hi everyone,

when a user post a gig, there is a time where i want the user to see only posts that are in a specific time frame, so i tried to use time factor, where the end date is already specified by the user. according to data the time is specified properly. however in preview it’s not appearing. I don’t know if i’m missing something or is it a bug. i feel stuck, so any suggestions or tricks will be appreciated.

attached are some pics to show the situation.
p4 p3 p2 p1


Hi @azizradwan
Had tested using Time before but with the use of a button and make visible/invisible, and yes, it was working for me in that way… there is no such automatic checking - without using a manual method - in Adalo - yet if I remember well

@bibipac Thanks for replaying

How do you think i can solve this issue manually ?

you could try to set a filter at the OPENING SCREEN Time, click on screen and see if you can writte your wished filter here…if not… I do not see how… :mask:

@bibipac IT WORKED!!! :mechanical_arm:

I added a time property to the user, made the button update THAT time also.
the filter condition changed to be between THAT time and current time.

on the other hand, i’m still asking (adalo team @Ben ) what’s wrong about the first way and i feel relationships between collections (not users) have some sort of a problem or need further explanations in #resources-tutorials or #twominutetuesdays. specially for not experienced developers such as me :sweat_smile:


attached is a pic for clarification.

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See here : https://ideas.adalo.com/feature-requests?search=cron
Also in Preview some features are also limited, only working in “published/installed apps”