New app: gig up (beta)

Hi guys,

Following the COVID shutdown, we have been busy building a contactless request app for live gigs and events called GIG UP.


GIG UP not only allows a safe method for the audience to request songs from your setlist it also allows them to create special requests, boost their request, and tip the artist/s.

The artist has the added luxury of not being yelled and spat at mid-song which is more important now than ever. There is a location-based gig list and users can follow their favourite artists to find their next gig. They also can make gigs more valuable taking home the boost payments and tips PLUS all guests who request songs are sent a thank you email the next day with a link to the artist social media and direct booking link.

The venue has the added bonus on complying with COVID requirements and also retargeting the audience in the follow-up email.

Let me know what you think.


Very cool Hugh! Did you consider launching it on Product Hunt yet?

Are you focusing on a single country or city right now or going worldwide right away?

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We are currently trialing for live gigs in Brisbane Asutralia but will launch worldwide next week for both online and in venue gigs.



  • we have tested at over 200 events and the platform works very well!
  • I redesigned it with a dark theme on the weekend
  • currently waiting for PLAY STORE APPROVAL

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That is so awesome to hear Hugh! Would it be ok if I passed this along to our business dev team to maybe contact you about a short story about the project? :slight_smile:

I would love that mate :slight_smile:

The web version is really cool. I’d love to know how you got the sidebar to work so well! I can’t for my life figure out the whole scaling thing on full size screens in Adalo. Is there more information on this?