🔥 NEW TEMPLATE: Finance app: multi-user, profit and loss, expense calculator, savings and budget

Now keep your expenses and profits or your family, or your business group or friends … it’s VERY simple
With this personal or multi-user app you can control finances in real time.

How does it work?
When creating your user you must add your budget, savings percentage and profit goal for the month. Once configured, the app begins to do its magic.

Every time you make expenses or payments of fixed expenses the budget and the savings will decrease, when you make income the budget, the savings and the goal will grow.
In the expenses section you can filter by category to see what you are spending a lot on and you can also filter by user

Now keeping finances is a game!

You can also see the expenses, earnings of the group users.
In the cashflow section you will see the final result if you have profits or losses!

Start playing today with this app
Modern, avant-garde and minimalist front design!

Watch the video ( in the link ) to see how it works in real time

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This is an amazing template to learn from!
Santiago’s design is really on another level (he has redesigned the whole nocodeshare site and it now looks AMAZING).

Highly suggest this template if you’re looking to manage expenses or learn how to add design to an adalo app!

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I’m always looking for ways to better manage my finances, and this app looks like the perfect way to do it. It’s great that it’s multi-user, so I can use it with my family, friends, or business group. The filtering feature looks like it will be really helpful too. Despite the emergence of such a convenient app, I still prefer to seek professional advice when it comes to finances! Check out Financial Planning for Physicians | The Finity Group if you need expert help with key financial issues, professional guidance, or more information on managing your budget. This app can be a great tool to help track your finances, but having professional guidance can be invaluable.

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