Simple Recipe App (FREE Clonable App)

Hi everyone, this is a simple Recipe App made by me on Adalo. This is just a demo so Database is not populated.

App Features

Recipes : browse recipes by name or category, create
new ones and share your skill at the stove :woman_cook:

Shopping List : each user has his own shopping list, he
can add new ingredients from a recipe dynamically :shopping_cart:

Ingredients : browse ingredients or add a new one :lemon:

• Profile Options
• Admin Section

Preview DEMO V1 (old and less features)

Clonable DEMO V2

Feel free to ask/suggest anything
Cheers :v:


Very well made, good job @Eugen :muscle:

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Very good job and the deisgn is very sick !

If you want a quick tip, I recommand use the Image Slider in Component Marketplace for Welcome Screen. With this you can add a image carrousel that change every 3 sec for exemple. You can see here an example of functionnal app

Nowe (

(Note : the image is from, very useful and free tool, and I added text with )

Thank you very much for the tip :slightly_smiling_face:
Yes I was looking for the image slider, but actually opted for more screens to show dynamic welcome text.
I always use undraw too, and then edit colors with MethodDraw

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Hey brother, thank you and welcome to the Adalo forum :wink:

You’re welcome,

Thank you for MethodDraw I will check it out

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Hello, @Eugen.
Very nice demo. Love the design.
I was just wondering what font you used?

Hi Xaver, I’m happy you liked it.
I used Montserrat Google Fonts, a very clean font

Thanks for letting me know!

I really like your app design, especially like the ingredients to shopping list function!

i would be interested to see your database structure if possible as I created a recipe app to compliment my Mum’s physical cookbook but did not make it overly complex as I was only learning Adalo at that time.

you’ve done a great job so far!

I’m glad you like it, colin. what exactly are you interested in knowing? I could also create a clonable template if it can be useful to someone

Hi Eugene

I’m interested in knowing how you structured the recipe and ingredients databases for multi user contributions.

I’m also curious how you structured the ingredient quantities to work with the ingredients shopping list.

When i made my recipe app it was very basic in that the ingredients was just a multi line text entry field as was the method. This was adequate at the time as the app just served as an electronic alternative to the physical printed recipe book.

A clone able template would be awesome if you didnt mind sharing it.

Thanks for the inspiration

Hey all, as requested, I made it clonable for FREE
I’ve done a small but big update :slightly_smiling_face:

Now, when you add new ingredients to your shopping list, the process will do a double check

• If the item is already present in the shopping list, only the new quantity will be added
• If the item is not present in the shopping list, a new one will be created accordingly with its dynamic quantity

Clonable Recipe App (V2)

Cheers !


Do you plan on using this in a portfolio ?

If so,

1.Dynamically is misspelled (Third screen before signup)
However, you could misspell it:
dine-amically … (get the pun?.. “dine” )

Double-check all spelling. It shows you take pride in your work. If it’s being shared to clone:
for-get-about-it (with my best Sicilian accent)

  1. No need to add more features. Just clean it up, and finish it!

I can’t tell you how many developers show me unfinished work, yet they call themselves good, and want to be paid astronomical amounts. It’s almost laughable. Don’t be that guy. Finish it.

  1. Good app. Great updates!

(Hopefully this didn’t overwhelm you… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

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Hey Toddy, thanks for your precious help. I’m sorry if something is bad written in English, but of course welcome textes are just sample and not well made. I shared this simple clonable app for free, I don’t think will count as my portfolio, I have much larger projects… I don’t call me as good developer, I only contribute with my effort. My design skills have been improved thought, by using Adalo these 2 years.
Of course I will update the clonable app to ensure the quality you ask for , and if you are interested, I have more clonable apps to share in the community soon :wink:

Clonable app to share with others & portfolio work are very different.
I wasn’t sure of your intentions

It’s very kind of you to share!
Don’t sweat the ESL - I’m impressed

I’m no Adalo expert - You’re skills outshine mine
You should be very proud - great job!

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Those are the messages that never annoy me :wink:
Thank you, for anything feel free to DM

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Thanks so much for sharing the clone able app Eugen. I look forward to dissecting it to learn how you did the things i mentioned previously! Thanks again.

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Fantastic clonable app. Well done!

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Thank you, if you need any help, message me. Something could be hard to understand, some elements like Countdowns are hidden :grin: