New to Adalo : Background gps/location tracking possible in Adalo?

Hi all,

I am new to Adalo. Discover it from forum. I have been using Bubble for 2 years. Now exploring more native app no-code platform.

The reason I am exploring Adalo is because my new project in my company needed me to develop running/marahon app, that can track user’s running path and display the route, time and distance. Is this something possible to do in Adalo? And based on my understanding, only native application be able to track location if the app is backgrounded, and Adalo app is native app, correct?

Thank you in advance. Looking forward to start building in Adalo.

no geolocation is not available at the moment

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Thank you @MattDev for pointing that out. I guess I will have to explore different platform for now while waiting for the geolocation feature by Adalo.

I had to deal with some features I needed las months and went out looking for another platform. I found many other, like thinkable, bravo studio, app gyver, but none of them was giving me the freedom and development speed I have I Adalo. The solution was to learn a bit more about component development so I was able to create my own React Native components in Adalo and publish them as private components. That solved my needs. Since current location use native sensors I don’t know if you can accomplish it with components but it worth mention that you have this option.

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Thank you @brunoribeiro for the heads up. I am actually studying those platforms you mentioned. The problem is, I am not a coder to start component development in React Native. I guess I have to hire coder to that for me here in Adalo. Is it easy here to find coder for freelancing job?

There is a slack channel for component developer, I believe that one of the Adalo’s Expert here can help you with it.

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I hope adalo will broadcast it widely when gps location becomes available, because when it does, I’ll be back. Until then I’ll have to try to build my app on another platform. I have everything complete with my app except being able to find locations near me. Pretty frustrating to get to the end and realize that just because Adalo has a google map api available doesn’t mean they have geolocation…I don’t know what made me make such a leap as to infer such a thing?!


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