Need Help With Real-Time Location Tracking

I have an app that requires real-time location tracking (the app allows supervisors to check employee locations while they are clocked in, and allows employees to get specialized location data depending on where they’re at at any given time).

For the first part in particular, I need real-time (or close to real-time) location tracking. However, to my knowledge, there’s no way to Adalo component that allows me to read device location while the app is active.

Does anyone have any recommendations, or is there an Adalo expert who can help me with this? I saw that there was a PragmaFlow component, but they stopped updating it some time ago (and component development/implementation isn’t my specialty).

Hi @EchoTheOracle,
I’ve developed component to receive GPS position by click button. I think I can create component that can handle realtime positioning.
Ping me in DM if you’re interested or drop a message to

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