New toggle actions tutorial request

Hi all,

I am willing to pay for a video tutorial on how to “Select All” from a list of one of my collections. This is a common feature in many apps, where a user can check off some options from a list, or can check a box (usually above the list) to select everything/everyone in the list.

I have a list of Vendor Contracts. Companies can have many Contracts, a Contract belongs to one Company. A Contract can have many Freelancers (Users), a Freelancer can only have one Vendor Contract that is active.

I’d like a Company Admin to send a notification to Some or All Freelancers from a list of All Active Contracts (Current Company is Available).

Basically we are selecting some/all Active Vendor Contracts, and then, after hitting Continue button to move to the next screen, we are confirming the selection via Confirm button. That Confirm Button will trigger two custom actions- one is Trigger Notification (in-app), other is Sendgrid (email). Right now I’m working on the Sendgrid, which is already set up to notify all Freelancers within 1 Active Contract. Now I just need to set it up for multiple selected contracts (or all contracts).

thanks! Let me know how much to Paypal/Venmo you for the help.

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