Forum notifications on a PWA

There’s a forum element in my app where I want users who belong to the forum to be notified when there’s a new post. Has anyone achieved this?

I’ve built out the custom action with Sendgrid to use to send out the notification, but I can’t find a way to send to all of the users who belong to the forum. Any ideas would be great.

Hi @Jal10c,

As for me, I’d investigate a mailing lists / groups / etc. capabilities in SendGrid. I remember that @tdhi was doing a lot of stuff related to emails sending via lists / etc.

It’s possible to send Push notifications to a group, but they are not available in PWA, unfortunately.


Sendgrid has posted the JSON required to send the same email to multiple recipients, it took me a while to figure this out.

In your custom action, you will need to edit your JSON to reflect this. I originally used the tutorial posted on YouTube by @theadaloguy and then customized it to reflect multiple recipients. Of course, you will then need to pass more dynamic variables from Adalo to the custom action (ie, Recipient1Email, Recipient2Email, etc). So make sure that the Adalo screen running the custom action has access to al the forum participant email addresses you need.

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Do you have a screenshot of the custom action you can share for reference?

Also, how does this work with a growing list of 100’s of email addresses? If I need to add “email”: “” to match the number of email addresses I have I believe I’ll run into an issue as I’ll never really have a set amount to match the json.

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