Newb - "Logged In User" property not displaying on screen, why?

I’m trying to simply display a text string from the Logged in user… collection.
Its a property that has a value as you can see from below, but why isn’t it showing?
Its available in the magic text (image 1), and its text value is “TestIan” asyou can see from the database record (image 2). It just displays blank (image 3):


Check if you are logged in. If you are not logged in as user for whatever reason, nothing will be displayed. If you are logged in, reset the Magic Text.

@MichaelApp thanks…
I started with the “Blank” app which is 3 screens, one of them is the login screen.
I deleted those two screens and was left with the “Home” screen.
How do I tell Adalo just to treat the Logged in user as automatically logged in so I can use the properties?
(my app does not require multiple users)

This is not possible in this way. There must be a button with which you either create a user automatically or you let the users register.

If you create the users automatically, you have to count up the email or the user, because you can only have each user once.

One possibility could be that you simply log the user into the screen actions when loading the first screen.

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Ah, I think I got it, I created a username ‘Default’ and password 'Default" to test it, then I did a login action on the Home screen.
It worked.

In the Screen actions I am logging in the user, thats working OK. But I am also setting a number property value to = 5.
On my screen I am changing that numeric property value to = 1. However, it only changes momentarily, it then bounces back to 5. I took out the screen init of this numeric property = 5 and it did not bounce back to 5, but kept the value. Any ideas why?

The screen action might be getting called to update every second or so, not just once when the user visits the screen. So when you change the value manually, it automatically changes back to what the screen action is set as. That’s all I can think of, I’m not sure how it’s coded by Adalo, a veteran might be able to weigh in on this.

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@MichaelApp @Briggsy … I think you might be right, it does look like the Screen actions are being called over and over again. I thought that once you enter a screen it performed that action only once.
Does anyone now how I set it to perform that Screen action only once on_entry?

You could make a screen action to change a true/false value, and then update the number value via another screen action only if “X is true”. That should work.

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@Briggsy I guess that would work. But it seems strange to me that the screen actions are repeated over and over, not really logical.
I have the current user being “logged in”. Thats happening over and over.
A boolean true/false as a condition would resolve it.

Yeah, I’m not too sure how it works under the hood, I can’t imagine it constantly logs the user in over and over. Maybe certain things only do it, or you found a bug.

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