True/False - One time visibility for user

Hello everyone, could anyone advise me please on how to create a window that would be only once visible for the user (f.e. only after the first login)? I created a true/false property for the user but I am not sure how does it work. I change visibility either for true or false and the elements I want to see still do not appear. Any help would be welcomed. Thanks.

@Tommen If I get it right, you need something like conditional Navigation.
I am using a true/false field in my user collection to deactivate a user if necessary.
On the login button I am using to actions:
using conditions (Click SHOW ADVANCED):

If the user is flagged as deactivated he is linked to a screen with a short information and a button where he just can logout.
In case everything is fine (user not deactivated) the link goes to the Home screen:

Note that you can add another action to update the user, where you e.g. can toggle the true/false field
Hope this helps.

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Actually, I am using TWO action for linking. As you can see on the screen shot there are 5 in total.

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That’s great, thank you! I will give it a try :blush:

I was also experiencing a similar problem.For my case i had an app with sellers and buyers, i wanted to direct the seller to a different page from buyer after signing up. i used a true/false field to classify the seller and buyer. however, when i use advanced options to direct the buyer and seller when cases are true, there is no transition and the app remains in the sign up page.

Have you tried what karimoo mentioned? I tried it and it seems to work :blush:. Hopefully will keep working :smile:

@Jeorge I found that adding additional logic during Sign-Up does not really work. It looks like you must have the user record created and you must be logged in with the new user that the data you entered during sign-up (here with your identifier for seller/buyer) is available.
What you could try:
Add a “Welcome Page” after the sign up where the button action leaving the screen contains the switching to different target pages.
If you don’t like the display of the additional page, check the actions available on a SCREEN (learned this just recently):

If you use Link with Transition “None” for the incoming and outgoing links this will happen in the background.
Also used as a workaround to refresh data on a page by jumping to an invisible page and directly jumping back.

worked out well.You are a genius.Thanks

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Just noticed that there is a fresh documentation available with a video uploaded yesterday :slight_smile:

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Hi all, I have a question regarding creating “Multi-Sided Apps”.
I’m working on fictional food-truck app by using the template. However, after creating the app for final user I noticed there was no way for foodtruck owner to know the order was created etc.
So I created a new app that shares the same database but it looks like the databases are actually not quite shared (or may be i’m wrong) since I have the new set of 2 default fictional foodtrucks created for the second one.
Anyway, is it easier to work with 2 apps or to maintain one with conditional screens visibility depending on the user (one for owners and one for users)?
Are the changes applied to collections in one app going to be automatically “recreated” in the second app. I’ve added a new user type (owner) but cannot see it in the database in the app for “final user”.
Thank you!