Recurring! Adalo devs keep ignoring

I’ve exhausted every closed thread at this point, and I don’t see any help from Adalo staff in answering this. It appears there are quite a few of us that are requesting a feature that allows us to make an event “recurring.” Does anyone know anything about the dev roadmap on if this, and if the dev staff is even looking into it? Seems to be getting ignored every time it’s asked.

Basically should stick around and wait for this development or is it not even on the table, in which case I need to leave Adalo and go learn to use Bubble so I can get my app to work? Allowing recurring events and transactions to be planned will make or break my app.

Hey, I feel you. This is something I have really needed and wanted for a while. There are work arounds with Make/Zapier/Count Down Actions, and @Abracadalo i believe were also looking into something as part of their service (seems to have gone v quiet tho). I wish this could be a working out of the box solution. You would likely have more database control and backend actions with Xano external collections (possibly, though I have not tried this for recurring events).

In short, I don’t believe this is possible with Adalo alone. You will need 3rd party tools. I also have not heard that this is specifically being worked on by the Adalo team, and I believe they would advise you to use Zapier or similar.

But possibly @Adalo_CXTeam may confirm that.

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Hi @Dstelz,

Unfortunately, this feature does not natively exist on the platform. There are workarounds for the same, which you can request on the forum, and our enterprising makers may be able to help you out with those.

You can submit or vote for an Adalo | Feature Request on our board, and you will be notified as we progress toward implementing these requests. We have this request open, but as you can see, it is not a very highly upvoted request for now. Please do upvote the same and help us prioritise this request!

Adding your vote to this feature request will inform our product team of the increased need for this feature. It will also ensure you are notified by email when this feature status changes on our roadmap.

– A

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