Recuring events

did anyone found the answer to create a recurring event ,for exemple that take place every monday ?


Hi @batouuu,

if you mean by recurring event, a create or update action to the database, I used zapier before and it was the best option. There probably are other ways as well.

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I would like to enable users to create tasks that they can set on to do every mondays for exemple

Hi @batouuu ,

If you let user click a button every mondays, you can set visibility to that button.

At the visit screen or better at link to this screen action, update logged in user field with current time but formatted as day of week, this field in user collection should be text and can be called “today day of week”.

So the visibility of button, mentioned above will use this field to check on “Monday”.

If you want an automatic, use countdown with the same visibility, but the action can be create record.

The disadvantage of this method, if the user did not go to this screen when visibility triggered, it will miss the action, because it need the presence of the user to go to the related screen.

Another approach would be to create in advance certain number of records and need to create again in the future, so there are limit that we need to put on how many records that will be created in the future.

Hi @Yongki @batouuu

Just in case - comparing the day of week in a string format (like “Monday” in your example) most probably won’t work correctly if user locale (e.g. language) is different from English. The reason is that the date will be written in user’s language and comparison won’t work.

I’d suggest calculating DayID and make the visibility condition based on that, see here for example: API to get day of week? (Monday, Tuesday, etc) - #3 by Victor

Best regards, Victor.

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Thank you all for your replies. i will try your answer @Victor. @Hanan Zapier looks great, i will try to use it in the futur, i still got trouble understanding how it works but surely gonna figure it out soon!

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