Newly developed App - Will is automatically scaled to accommodate thousands of users

We are now using Adalo to create an app with a small number of users in mind. Yet, the client demands that the newly built App must accommodate a large number of users (may be in thousands). Will Adalo system automatically adjust/scale it to accommodate such a large users?
If not, what pre-requests or configurations are necessary to scale the app?

Kindly give your suggestions.

Hi @Jayanth

That’s clarified on Adalo’s pricing page.

Thank you for the update.

We currently own the “Professional” version. Do we need to buy “Team” or “Business” licences to scale up for bigger group?

What are your concerns related to the current plan you are in?

If it’s number of actions, Adalo clarifies that if you go above the number of actions for your plan, they will simply charge per additional action. They don’t block the app in any way.

Hi Jayanth,

Please be aware of the amount of actions taken by users. I could go really quick. If the like $150 a month additonal charges is not an issue, i would suggest to go the business right away.

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