Nfc (near-field communication) tag reading in Adalo

Next component out there for people to use is an Nfc tag reader. I am sure this has a much lower demand, but it can be used for some very nice apps.


Adalo Installer:

YouTube video explanation and example:


wow thats awesome! Thank you

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After installed the components I can’t build my apps))

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amazing work! please continue!

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Sorry, there was a bug in the iOS script. It should be fixed now. Please refresh your app and click build again. It should be fixed now.


yes, thanks

Now it’s working :slight_smile:

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It says that the page isn’t working anymore, is there any way that i can still download the component?

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Download the source code from the Github link, build and publish privately

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Thank you!
Do you have any components for qr code scanning in web apps?
I only found one that coosts 30usd
And does your nfc component work in web apps? Or only native versions?

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Native only. Only Chrome Android supports NFC in browser so it is not possible to build an NFC component for web support. I don’t believe I have a QR scanner and I try to avoid building components that other people sell out of respect for their business.


Thanks so much for adding this component!
I want to do a lot of cool stuff with it, but…

My knowledge is limited, which is why I’m working with no-code.
I’ve installed the NFC component as instructed, but cannot get it to function.

I’ve set the actions as required, but upon clicking the NFC button, none of the actions occur. The label “input” does not populate with “scan”, so the sometimes visible rectangle does not appear, and the component will not read an nfc tag.

(if you manually type in “scan”, you’ll see the rectangle group pop up)

If anyone has experience with this component, and would like to take a peak under the hood, please let me know, and I’ll invite you to collaborate. I’m really stuck on this one for over a week, and any assistance is very welcomed. If you’d like, just leave your email here, or privately, and I’ll send an invite! Thank you!!!

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Unfortunately I had the same problem, first I didn’t get the button to populate the input. Somehow after deleting it from the screen and installing it again I got it to work. But still the scanning of the tag doesn’t work and I don’t now why neither. Worth mentioning is that it is a native app where I am struggling with this problem.

So if anyone would have an answer I would also be very thankful :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing.

I’m glad you passed that first hurdle. (Unable to populate the input). I’m still struggling with that one. No actions occur when clicking the NFC component, no matter what the action. (Even if it’s a link to another page, as a test)

I’m sorry to learn that even after you passed that hurdle, that you still were not able to get the NFC component to scan.

I’ve built an extremely basic app almost identical to PragmaFlow’s demo, if you would like to see or try it. I’m happy to add you if you provide an email address.

Also, have you found any other component for Adalo? If not, have you found any for any other No-Code builders, such as FlutterFlow?

Since we’re both on a mission to get these basic functions operable, I’m happy to collaborate with you until that problem is solved. Let me know.

Anyone can feel free to email me directly at

Thank you!


May I ask if your NFC component is still functioning properly? I’ve been trying to get it to work. Thank you!