🚀Component from VisualDev Studio

Hi, Everyone! Please let me share the three components from VisualDev Studio. We used to call “NocoderHQ”, and I have released some components in the marketplaces for free. Recently I have started to build some paid components. Hopefully, these are components that meet your need.

  1. QR Code Reader for Web - Do you know that the current QR code Reader in the Adalo Market only supports the native app? If you need a QR code reader that supports your Web / PWA site, you should consider our component

  2. Delay Action - Do you know if you have Page Action (an action that triggers without clicks, set up a page level ), you can’t use that value return by the component? The Delay Action component solves this problem, and it allows you to delay to trigger action.

  3. Vertical Swiper - Need a vertical swiper to swipe up and down to change the value?
    Screen Recording 2021-08-05 at 10.00.41 PM

All our components can try out at our component site


I recently tested the QR Code Reader for Web. It works perfectly and solves a huge pain point with the current QR reader in the marketplace, which requires publishings to test functionality. This is a huge improvement! Thanks for making such a useful tool and congratulations on the launch @knight!


@knight I just made a purchase for the QR Code Reader for Web. Thanks a lot for developing this!

got it, added the component access to your team.

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Thanks knight, look forward to utilising it!

I have a doubt. Does the Qrcode component work in native Apps? IOS and Android or just for Web?

If the answer is no. Would it be possible to modify it to be used also for Native Apps? The Adalo developer abandoned the component (QR code) and is having problems. The screen goes dark and doesn’t read anything. That’s why we urgently need a component that works in native Apps.

Did you manage to use it in your Native Apps? Or only in PWA?

is for PWA only. I didn’t know that the developer abandoned it. it doesn’t work on iOS or Android?

It is not working for Android or IOS.