Nice work Adalo

Now when I add a new screen…I am taken to the new screen. Now I only need to drag it to its intended location. This is an improvement over having to locate the new screen & drag it to its new location.

The next improvement would be to add the new screen right where I want it. I understand that things take time!

I haven’t noticed this. Hopefully that is the case! My main app is so big that even when zooming all the way out its a hustle to get the page where I need it, haha.

I noticed carefully that the new screen still is placed way to the right of the last screen…but Adalo takes you to this new screen. Now I only need to drag it to its intended location. Sorry for the earlier incorrect comment which has been edited, I was too excited!

Ah okay, still better than it was I suppose. Slow but steady pace is a great way to win the race!

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Curious how you would improve screen placement. It does just go to the top right now. How do you picture it figuring out where you want it to go instead? Would love to hear ideas for improving this. Thanks!

The best scenrio is to add a new screen at the location on the Editor where the user clicks on “Add Screen”. It could be the same for Cntrl C and Cntrl V ( I use this to copy a screen)

I am not sure if this might cause other issues but I just find it taxing to go all the way to the right most screen and drag the new screen/copied screen to its new location.

Curently when I add a new screen. Adalo takes me to the right most screen where the new screen is located…I am already thankful for that!

I agree with eduscvs. The area of the editor that you’re zoomed in / focused on, particularly for copy and paste.

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